A Ladies of Light Workshop Series: The Alchemy of the Womb

The Rabbani Project Present:

A Ladies of Light Workshop Series:
The Alchemy of the Womb:
A Celebration of the Womb and the Feminine


The Alchemy of the Womb was the title of a thesis ( and is the intended future title of the book) by Psychotherapist counsellor Aaliyah Shaikh from Rahmah Wellbeing who will be joining us to share her research and work on menstruation, the womb and the feminine. We will also be joined by TV featured Storyteller Jumana moon who will be sharing stories of women spirituality and the moon, as well as speakers on the Moon Cycle and Menstruation and finally Pearls of Islam will close with a drumming and singing session. This is a celebration and we encourage all participants to partake in the food sharing by bringing a dish and a story or experience to share. Come with your entire authentic selves as we begin the journey of embracing all aspects of femininity

Join your sisters for an afternoon of food, song, love and joy of sisterhood as we explore the topic of menstruation, the womb, faith, spirituality and the feminine. Reclaim and reconnect to the deeper purpose of menstruation and the spiritual significance of the womb (Rahm in arabic).

In the spirit of togetherness we invite you to come along with an item of red clothing.
This event is not suitable for any persons under the age of 18yrs with the exception of breastfeeding babies and is a space only for ladies

Topics include:

– The Moon and our Cycle
– Menstruation and Faith
– Patriarchy and the Womb
– understanding your inner seasons
-Governance of the Womb
-The role of language, the impact of interpretations and meanings of scriptural texts on menstruation
-intergenerational transmission of trauma
-reclaiming power and passion from self doubt and insceutiy
– self care tips

Saturday 13th May
1:30pm till 6pm
Tickets: £10 via eventbrite
St Ethelberga’s Bishopgate
Tte Bedouin Tent
Liverpool Street

Tickets: £10 via eventbrite


Aaliyah is the founder of Rahmah Wellbeing, she is a Psychotherapeutic Counsellor, Birth Trauma Educator, Thinker and advocate for gender and social justice. She holds a MEd in Child and Adolescent Psychotherapeutic Counselling from University of Cambridge (thesis title: An unconscious alchemy of the womb: How women’s (psychosocial and spiritual) experiences and feelings regarding menstruation and birth affect their attachment relationship with their child) and a MA in Muslim Community Studies from University of Loughborough in conjunction with Markfield Institute of Higher Education. Aaliyah worked as the youngest employed Muslim female Chaplain from the age of 24 for Imperial College NHS Healthcare Trust, St Mary’s Hospital for 6 years before training as a Psychotherapeutic Counsellor. She has also studied psychodynamic counseling at University of Leicester and has a Post graduate Diploma in Social Sciences amongst various other courses. Aaliyah founded Rahmah Counselling in 2012 and offered the first In-Schools Counselling project for Muslim schools in the UK as well as general counselling for the community. She specialises in trauma, and the time in the womb as impacting later life development. She is interested in neuroscience, demedicalisation of birth, attachment, psychology of pain, and the role of patriarchy in women’s health. Aaliyah is a strong advocate for natural health medicine, unschooling, natural parenting and environmentally friendly living, including exploring consciousness and spirituality of food and nutrition and the impact on mental health. Her passion is in encouraging women to reclaim their bodies and choices from culture, patriarchy and medicalisation and to contribute to education and awareness on understanding mental and physical health and well-being with a deep sense of compassion and to empower women through igniting conscious awareness of the power of the womb to restore and heal. Having observed and reflected on various gender dynamics within her work and wider society, Aaliyah feels theere is a need to encourage men to be part of the dialogue too and focus on their healing needs and creating balance through embracing the feminine and masculine innate attributes of a whole self.


Jumana grew up between Bruxelles, Lome and rural Buckinghamshire, her imagination fed by a good, rich diet of story, mythology, folktales and the changing landscapes she lived in. She lost neither the love of traveling or stories and now is a storyteller with a particular love of stories from islamic tradition and heritage – stories from Qura’n, hadeeth and seerah as well as folk tales from Muslim countries and communities and stories from the rich canon of devotional poetry. For the last 5 years Jumana has worked with Jewish Storyteller Adele Moss developing an interfaith partnership. We often tell stories together, exploring similarities and differences between the two faiths.
Jumana has an enduring love of stories from the British and European folk traditions and Greek mythology. Last autumn Jumana and another Walthamstow based storyteller, Mike Forbes, set up ‘Stowtellers – the Walthamstow Storytelling Club’. We meet on the second Monday of every month to share traditional stories of all kinds.
Alongside storytelling and mothering an effervescent toddler, Jumana works as a psychotherapist for a women’s counselling service in east London.


Pearls of Islam are a highly acclaimed acoustic duo, who create sweet, organic and soulful melodies through the use of their instruments; Djembe, Darbouka, Guitar and of course their voice. They are well versed in traditional Arabic Qasaaid (song) which they combine and transform with their own soulfully written songs in English. They are first generation Caribbean Muslims who were brought up on Jamaican folk music and Guyanese soca and soul music, so an influence of many cultures can be found in their words and style.

Their music has been described by many listeners as music from the heart to the heart. Their focus on universal spirituality and music as a means of healing for both the mind and soul can be seen and reflected in their songs. They believe that music and creativity can be used as a vehicle of dhikr (remembrance) which can bring you closer to the Divine. This belief has stemmed from the influence and teachings of their teacher; Shaykh Muhammed Nazim who has been an essential instrument in directing and inspiring their work. It is the want and yearning of the Love of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and Allah (swt) that pushes them and allows them to grow.

The Pearls are one of the pioneers amongst the Muslim Female Artists scene and have opened up the doors and encouraged other women to seek forms and outlets of creativity and spirituality. They have taken their message of love and spirituality throughout Europe and beyond including countries such as Spain, Germany, Cyprus, Holland, Switzerland, Norway and Guyana. Whether it be a small intimate crowd of 10 or a crowd of 10,000 the Pearls believe that every moment and every performance is a means of connection and love.

Their music has inspired and transcended the stage and grown out into community projects in which they are very active in trying to serve and give back to the community. In 2012 they set up the collective ‘The Rabbani Project’ which hosts and fuses together events and workshops surrounding Creativity and Spirituality. The following year saw them set up their drumming school called Tumaadir Drumming which was named after a female companion and poet of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

The ladies are passionate environmentalist lovers; spiritual warriors, Afro-conscious Muslims, community givers who believe that music/creativity is much more than just sound. It is through this understanding that they pray they can continue spreading love and joy through their music.


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