About Us

The Rabbani Project; is a small non-profit collective set up in 2012 to connect the essential art forms of creativity and spirituality, two forms which have played a crucial role in the journey to the Divine. We regularly put on a variety of projects, events, workshops, seminars that focus and encourage creativity, spirituality and nature specifically reaching out to those of us who dwell in the cities.

Art and creativity is an integral tradition of faith, belief and spirituality. Traditionally it was appreciated that there was a sacred dimension to life and that faith and belief was a subject worthy of art. It is a means of communicating the beauty of God, His Creation and the faith and love that is felt in the heart of the artist-celebrating and reflecting on the one true reality.

Some of our most popular projects are Ladies of Light; which is a women-only series that creates a space for women to gather, sing, drum and be inspired by female scholars, leaders and influencers as they impart their knowledge on inspirational women. The Ladies of Light series also includes monthly workshops which encourage and celebrate the feminine and faith.

The Salaam Cafe takes place monthly at universities in central London. We occupy spaces with love, peace, tea and dhikr. Every month we host a dhikr session of a different tradition.

The Green Deen Project which aims to shed light on Islam’s forgotten focus and relationship with nature and the environment. We host film screenings, retreats, workshops and outings to encourage us city dwellers to embrace, learn, love, respect and be nature.

Girls and Boys Summer Camp is put on every Summer. We put together a creative and faith based summer retreat for the youth to get together and learn about their faith in a joyous and creative space. Some of the activities include; singing and drumming workshops, sacred geometry, cooking lessons, tahajjud, congregational prayers, cosmetic making, football and more.