Ladies of Light: Honouring the Beloved ( PBUH)

The Rabbani Project and CSCA present:

Ladies of Light
Honouring the Beloved15171012_1315657671812909_8900774282753743617_n

Join us for an afternoon of Nasheeds, Poetry, Qasidas, Quranic Recitation and reading of the Mawlid Daybai at the Centre for Spirituality & Cultural Advancement in Felthem!


Ustadha Badriya Tahhan

Sedrah Tahhan
Kiran Zahrah
Seeme Khan
Pearls of Islam
Hakim Sisters
Desert Echo Munshidaat
Sabira Rahman
Sanaa Rashaad
Mini Munshidaat

and more!!

Sunday 18th December
2pm till 5:30pm

CSCA Centre
The Manor House, Manor Lane, Feltham
Middlesex, TW13 4J

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LADIES OF LIGHT is a monthly event put together by The Rabbani project.

Every Month The Rabbani Project seeks to work with other community organisations to bring together Ladies from all walks of life and backgrounds to provide a comfortable space for women to be entertained, inspired and elevated by Ladies of light be it past, present or future.

Every event is a unique mixture of showcasing the latest female talent be it poets, singers, musicians, artists, providing a space where one can express themselves and share with other fellow sisters in addition to also being able to sit amongst those Ladies, teachers, Shaykhas who can share, inspire, educate us about the real Ladies of Light; the female companions of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), the female Shaykhas, the female scholars, the female saints, the mothers, the daughters. These are not stories of the past that we read in books, these are lights which we must take into our lives to emanate and shine through to our next generation.

So we welcome you to Ladies of Light, be part of the journey of expression, education and elevation through the Women that Islam has inspired.

If you would like to join the movement email: