Girls Youth Summer Camp

What we do

As a young Muslim girl growing up in Britain there are many different challenges and issues unique to her environment. In many instances she feels misunderstood and isolated as she struggles to balance her identity as a Muslim and British citizen. Her Islam is constantly challenged by society, whilst her family’s cultural practices are challenged by her ‘Western’ culture. Many times this results in an identity crisis and conflict within her and in the home.

In other cases, there are Muslim girls whose families converted into Islam and are now struggling to find a balance between Islam and the society they are growing up in. Left unaddressed, many girls turn away from true practices of Islam only to get lost in the materialistic, hedonistic, and instant gratification society- losing the essential spiritual essence of Islam.

We have observed this trend within our community and for many months have desired to develop a project for the younger ladies, who often feel ignored or detached from Islamic gatherings that they are ‘dragged’ along to, often by their elders. The most effective solution is to build her Islamic character and give her real life examples and guidance from the Quran, Sunnah and life of the Prophet (saw) to help her develop her identity as a strong Muslim woman who is able to please Allah, show obedience and respect to her parents, interact with the society confidently and develop a spiritual awareness. Most importantly that she is surrounded by sisters who are on a similar path and face similar issues, thus developing a stronger sisterhood and eliminating that isolating feeling. We feel this is done with a balance of Islamic development and guidance but also acknowledge the influence of the trends and ‘norms’ of society, and view the social and creative aspects of young people being an important acknowledgment.

Long Term Goals:

  • To build confidence within ourselves as Muslim women
  • To increase God consciousness in every aspect of our lives
  • To educate about our rights and responsibilities as Muslim women
  • To develop skills to cope with peer pressure
  • To instil courage to speak about Islam to non-Muslims
  • To create an Islamic social environment and increase sisterhood
  • To nourish creative interest as an Islamic expression
  • To develop the tools to make informed decisions to complement a healthy lifestyle i.e. food, exercise

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