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The seed of Ladies of Light was planted in 2009, when we were blessed to spend some time in Syria studying with various Female Shaykhas and attending numerous Female only study circles. Syria the blessed land which is known to host the only Female Hadith School in the walls of the Ummayad Mosque, where young ladies as young as 16 or 17 have memorised the Quran, the books of Bukhari and numerous other Islamic literature and history. The Land where the women are doctors, teachers, nurses, mothers, wives but yet also find the time to be learned scholars in their religion and teach others.( May Allah send ease and victory to the people of Syria)

It was this inspiration that lead the Rabbani Project to put on its first ever Ladies of Light in 2011 at SOAS University. Due to the success of the first event and the need of female-only events, it was decided that Ladies of Light would become a regular event encouraging and allowing women to express themselves in a comfortable environment. Ladies of Light is a platform for Ladies to come together and learn about Women past, present and future who have inspired generations and changed history be it in their homes, communities or in society.

Ladies of Light is about self-education, self-motivation, and self-inspiration. It is our responsibility to learn about our religion in order for us to teach the next generation. Every event is a diverse and exciting mixture, be it showcasing the latest female talent; poets, singers, musicians, artists, fashion designers or anyone who wants to share and has something to say. It is also an opportunity to learn from female teachers, speakers and scholars, educating ourselves about the female companions of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), the female Shaykhas, the mothers, the leaders. These are not stories that we read in books but these stories are reality and are the lights which we must take into our lives to emanate and shine through.

Ladies of the Light:

Ladies of the Light: Girls Youth Summer Retreats

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