Mercy of the Womb Retreat

The womb is known as ‘Rahm’ in Arabic, which is derived from the same of root as Allah’s name ‘Ar Rahim’, meaning the Most Merciful.

The Mercy of the Womb retreat is an intimate spiritual gathering of sisterhood on a journey of deep connection and healing of our wombs.

Years of medical, emotional, hormonal and cultural oppression of our wombs and menstruation has led to a disconnect from a central part of ourselves. This can often lead to dis-ease and disruption to our natural flow.

The retreat will be the beginning of reconnecting and equipping ourselves with the needed knowledge, awareness and mercy to begin the physical, emotional and spiritual healing of our wombs. To truly  see the womb for what she is, an expansive space that holds Divine Mercy.

There is a strong tradition of the feminine collective and much of our healing comes from the subtle but powerful offerings of sisterhood. We invite you to join us as we reconnect and reclaim this strong tradition of womb connection and sisterhood in Islam

  • Each retreat is different and is shaped by the offerings and the needs of all those that attend.
  • Daily guided self womb massage
  • The strength and support of a sisterhood by  eating, praying and healing together
  • Collective prayer , dhikr and salawat
  • Daily mindful movements/exercise
  • Silent walks
  • An introduction to the significance of cycles and how we can use nature to regulate and balance our own menstruation
  • A guide to safely using herbs and foods to support menstrual health and womb care- you will go home with your very own organic herbal blend.
  • How deeper connection with the womb affects our relationship with ourselves, community and Allah (swt)
  • Empower ourselves by learning to make our own sanitary pads.
  • Holistic, vegetarian meals with healing organic tea blends to nourish our wombs

This space welcomes all women, whether we are regular or irregular bleeders, those of us without a cycle or have a painful or uncomfortable experience of menstruation. We welcome those of us who are approaching menopause. We also welcome those of us that no longer have a physical womb. It is a space to celebrate, honour , heal and reconnect to the Rahm of the womb.

We ask that you read the FAQs and code of conduct thoroughly, if you have any questions after reading these documents than please do get in touch.

Frequently Asked Questions

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In attempts to make the space as accessible as possible we offer a sliding scale pricing. We ask you to honestly invest what is affordable to you, if you are able to pay more this will cover the cost for a sister who less able to. The lower price covers cost, so we are unable to offer any further discount.

We do not receive any funding or grants so the main way we fund our events is through fees we charge to the people attending.  Our fees aim to be progressive and socially responsible, so we humbly ask for you to give what is affordable to you at this time.

A- £250 – This covers the minimum expenses of the retreat.

B- £300 -This will cover the cost of the retreat and allows us to continue to offer similar retreats and workshops in the future

C- £350– This will  cover the cost of the retreat and support future work, it will also go towards our ‘Womb Sister’ scheme which allows us to offer heavily reduced or free space to a sister needing to  attend similar retreats, workshops or consultations

Workshop Facilitators

Rabiah Mali: Herbal Blessing Clinic

Rabiah studied western Herbal Medicine at the University of Westminster and has been a qualified herbalist since 2008. After her degree she travelled to Ghana, where her time spent with a local traditional herbalist re-ignited her love for nature and relating to plants from a spiritual worldview. In recent years her experiences with using herbs in her practice has further deepened her passion for the symbiotic relationship between nature, humans and spirituality. She is an associate of the St Ethelburga’s Spiritual Ecology fellowship.

Rabiah set up The Herbal Blessing Clinic a community sliding scale clinic in East London which provides herbal consultation service, herb walks and workshops to the local community. She is currently the lead facilitator at the Green deen Tribe retreats, Mercy of the womb series  and is teaching a 5 month Herbal apprenticeship course in Bethnal Green and West London. She is also a guest tutor of Western Herbalism on a Tibb e Nabawi course.

Mariam Abdullah

Mariam Abdullah: Massage and Mizan Therapist

Mariam is a massage and Mizan therapist. She is a mother of three who also regularly teaches Quranic Recitation. Her journey which began with massage taken her to study and explore various alternative therapies such as thai foot massage, fire cupping and moxibustion as well as studying yoga. Her passion is to help herself and other women engage and learn to love and understand their bodies both physically, mentally and spiritually. 

Aiysha Amin: Artist

Aiysha Amin is a Traditional artist who works within Islamic design disciplines. Drawing many of her strengths from sciences such as geometry, ceramics from the Islamic world, and the Indian and Persian painting traditions. Aiysha’s artistic practice is about remaining true to the Islamic Artistic Tradition and heritage whilst employing the versatility within it. She enjoys the challenge this posses in the contemporary art world; for Aiysha, finding new solutions and methods of working are always welcomed possibilities. She is also an alumni of The Princess School of Traditional Arts


Please fill in the booking form below, Payment details will be shared on completion of the form.


Please make your £50 deposit by the 27th January to reserve your space. You will need to provide proof of your payment by sending us a picture of the complete transfer in order for us to confirm your booking.

Your space on the retreat is only fully confirmed upon receiving the full remaining payment by the 10th February 2020