The Salaam Cafe

THE SALAAM CAFE is a bi monthly intimate acoustic night called the ‘Salam Cafe’. Salam means peace in Arabic and was the inspiration behind creating the ‘pop up’ acoustic night which provides platforms for artist of inspiring, spiritual and creative expression whether that be through poetry, art, music , dance or in some circumstances a life experience or journey. The idea is to use the ‘salam café’ to ‘occupy’ different places in London with Peace ,Love, Tea and a much needed wave of Spirituality.

 A key feature of the cafe is that we work with different organisation and groups to host the cafes, this enables us to host the event and cover expenses at a minimal cost to the attendees. We have worked with and hosted cafes at SOAS university, Rumi’s cave, the now closed synergy centre, Yogoanada a lovely Yoga Centre in Reigate.

The Salaam Cafe: The Art of a Sufi