The Salaam Cafe: Dhikr of Love with the Qadiri-Shadhili-Darqawi Tariqa

In the Name of the Divine the Most Merciful the Most Kind

SOAS Spiritual DIalogue Society and The Rabbani Project Present:

The Salaam Cafe: Dhikr of Love with the Qadiri-Shadhili-Darqawi Tariqa16299320_1390947510950591_2306855155386143314_n

Join us for an evening of Dhikr, Quranic recitation and Tea with Qadiri-Shadhili-Darqawi Tariqa

Friday 24th February
Room: B102
SOAS University
Russell Square

Open to All.

“Never be without remembrance of Him, for His remembrance gives strength and wings to the bird of the Spirit. If that objective of yours is fully realized, that is “Light upon Light”… – Jelaluddin Rumi

‘Don’t give up for lack of presence. Keep moving your tongue in dhikr until your heart looks up to see what all the commotion is. Don’t let your sins silence your heart from calling out to its Lord. ~


Salam means peace in Arabic . The idea is to use the ‘salam café’ to ‘occupy’ different places in London with Peace ,Love, Tea and a much needed wave of Spirituality. This is an event open to all faiths and beliefs of the community with spiritual creativity and cups of tea bringing us all together. It is an innovative way to encourage community cohesion in different areas around the city and for different groups of people from all walks of life to connect and ‘vibe’ in a neutral environment. It is also an oppurtunity for us to fundraise for future projects